Mrs Merrill Memories
If you haven't heard, our Mrs Merrill is retiring this year and we all wish her the very very best!

Whether you knew her as Mrs Holland or Mrs Merrill you know the wonderful legacy she has shaped at Sacred Heart School. During her 30+ year tenure with our school each of us whether as parents, colleagues, friends or alum have benefited from that special atmosphere,energy and culture that has made this school a special place in all our memories.

During Sacred Heart’s Feast Day Celebration on Friday June 2nd 2017 we would like to honor Mrs Merrill in a small way with a memory book that will include little snippets, sentimental or silly, just a sentence or two, from the folks who have interacted with her over the years and have a ‘my favorite Mrs. Merrill Memory’ to share.
Like...Drawing names for the Pageant roles...
OR...When I had to go to the principal's office...
OR...At the sock hop - or pig race - or family fun day when...
OR...The first day of school when…
OR...At Riding-Hi when…
OR… your own special memory...
Please take a few minutes to jot down just a few sentences so we can be sure to include them in the memory book.
All responses are needed by THURSDAY MAY 18th

MY FAVORITE Mrs. Merrill Memory
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