• Important Dates

    1. Winter Recess-No School

      February 19 @ 8:00 am - February 23 @ 5:00 pm
    2. School Resumes

      February 26
    3. March Madness Begins

      March 1
    4. March Madness Begins!

      March 1
    5. Hannaford KIDZ EXPO

      March 3 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


A selection of faculty, staff, parent and student thoughts about Sacred Heart School

Parents: “Why I Send My Child/Children to Sacred Heart School”

  • (From parents who were unsure whether their son was prepared for Pre K.) “Your principal, support staff and teachers have answered all of our concerns and prayers. We are very happy with the education provided here, which is based on values, respect, a love of learning and church teachers. Thank you for everything.” *Marilene and Bruce R. (Their son is now in kindergarten.)
  • “The main reason why our daughter is a student at Sacred Heart School….GOD! …education and faith go hand and hand at SHS. We cannot imagine our child at any other school. The best part – she LOVES it! She loves her teachers and principal. Sacred Heart is “home” to our family.” *Holly and Joe H.
  • “We love the way that the Pre K classrooms are set up and that music, art, Spanish and gym would be a part of our son’s education early on. …Our son loves school and we couldn’t be happier choosing Sacred Heart School.” *Laura and Richard
  • (From a parent who was having her first child graduate from 6th grade.) “Nine years ago I handed over my precious D—– for you all to mold into an educated young lady who would be ready to head to middle school. To my disbelief that day is here. When she was three and walking in the door for the first time I could not have imagined the accomplishments she would achieve. She has made me so proud .From her successes in the Lions Eye, Spelling Bee, Science Fair to her performances in the Drama Club, Choir and Basketball Team, it’s all been fun to watch. I’m so proud to tell everyone I know that she goes to Sacred Heat. I strongly believe it has helped make her the person she is today. I like that person. So much love and thanks to all of you who have touched her life.” *Debi A.

Students: “What Sacred Heart Means to Me”

  • I love Sacred Heart School and it loves me. I get to see a smile on everyone’s face. It is very Catholic and we get to learn about God.” *Samantha
  • “We care for the sick and poor. We bring food in for the pantry to help others. It is a safe place. We read all of the time.” *Seamus
  • “I made new friends. I learn about God, Jesus and Mary. I learned that respect, love and knowledge is important to me.” *Jayden
  • “I love this school so much. I wish I can stay here for the rest of my life.” *Rosanna
  • “My favorite thing about Sacred Heart is taking a nap.” *Rocco
  • “In Sacred Heart we are a family.” *Makayla
  • “I like playing with my friends on the playground.” *Nicholas
  • “We share our love.” *Addison
  • “We learn about God so we have faith in each other. When I leave SHS when I am older, I’m never going to forget when I first started.” *Marilyn
  • “Sacred Heart means so much to me. It has amazing teachers, fun learning and the best of all is Mrs. Merrill, our principal.” *a fifth grade student

Faculty and Staff: “Why I Teach/Work at Sacred Heart School”

  • (These are a few words from our principal’s essay.) “At best, teaching is a vocation – a calling to serve people. It is a very important ministry that I feel blessed to be able to do. One of the things I love at Sacred Heart is the STUDENTS! They are the cutest, kindest, most caring children I know. That’s not to say they are perfect, but they know how to act and what to do when it counts. I have seen children help one another in difficult times, have asked me to pray for a loved one and have offered to have an event in order to raise funds for a family in need. I am able to see the face of Jesus in every one of them. Our students work to their potential and beyond while excelling in extra-curricular activities. The faculty and staff are the best in the Capital District, bar none. This fine group of dedicated men and women work countless hours planning lesson, tutoring, monitoring after-school activities and assuming various leadership roles. They do so without comment or complaint, because they know whatever they do is for the students. Our pastor, parents and parishioners alike are a constant support – to their children, families, teachers, the school and me. They generously give of their time, often at great sacrifice, so that children may continue to benefit from a Christ-centered education.” *Mrs. Susan Merrill
  • “Sacred Heart School is rich with both Tradition and Spirit. Constantly upholding Traditional Christian Values in the Spirit and Love of Community, Faith and Family. My experiences as a member of the SHS staff are many, both professionally and personally. We work as a team to bring the highest level of Catholic Education to our students.” *Janet M.
  • “I love teaching at Sacred Heart School because it gives me pleasure, happiness and a feeling of accomplishment that money can’t buy. I have watched children grow from 3 years old to Graduation Day from 6th grade with tears in my eyes, knowing that I was a part of their education, their morals, values and most important, a foundation for their future.” *Donna E.
  • “Why I teach at Sacred Heart School can be summed up in the word, family. That is the atmosphere that can be felt whenever anyone enters the school, can be felt walking in the hallways and permeates into every classroom….The families that send their children to us are caring, helpful, respectful and supportive. They work together with us to help make their children’s education a success in a school where we are all family, praying, working, and playing together.” * Rachel C.
  • “Sacred Heart is not just a job…it is experiencing a new adventure every day with the people that you love.” * Eileen B.
  • “Home-A place where one lives as a member of a family or household. Many people would not often describe their place of employment as a home, but that is the best way I could describe Sacred Heart School. Throughout the years Sacred Heart began as a place of employment, and quickly evolved into my career, my kid’s school, my parish, my family and home. After 10 years of teaching here, I have witnessed ups and downs and people come and go, but one thing remains that same, familiarity and comfort that Sacred Heart School brings to me. Developing strong bonds with my co-workers and having the opportunities to grow is what makes Sacred Heart a great place to teach.” *Devon C.