• Important Dates

    1. Cheesecake Sale

      October 16 @ 8:00 am - October 26 @ 5:00 pm
    2. SHS Family Mass

      October 22 @ 8:30 am - 9:30 pm
    3. Annual Raffle

      October 23 @ 8:00 am - November 3 @ 5:00 pm
    4. Pasta Night

      October 25 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    5. All Saints Day Mass 9:00 am

      November 1 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Photo Gallery


New technology





Leaf seeking



   Parent Night

  Pre K Orientation








     Principal Townsend


   Clean Up

   Grade 1




May Crowning 2017

  Grade 1 art class – Monet




  Principal for the Day: Bennett Karas





Beauty and the Beast

Grade 2 Planets

Grade 4 Bottle Collection

    Pasta Night

Basketball Competition 2017

  Grade 2 Mardi Gras and Pancake Day


  Mystery Reader Master Sergeant Josh Muscato

   PK Yellow Volcano


Pre K Science Day

  Classroom doors-Favorite book theme


  Favorite Book Character Day


Miss Carey visited fifth grade



  Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Ciccone at an Early Childhood Fair

  Befana, the Italian Witch on the Epiphany

  Pre K Wall Mural

Hallway outside of the library


Grade 6 Trees of Life

Grade 1 Selfies


Blue Room with Santa and other friends

concert-d Sunday’s Concert nativity-2 pre-k-concert concert-sun concert-parts concert-a concert-b  Wednesday’s Concert


mr-c-and-the-grinch grinch-day-2 grinch-day-1 grinch-day-001  Grinch Day


art-conativity-a grade-6-concert art-show-a art-show-2  Grades 1-6 Christmas Concert: grade 6 Nativity, grade 6 in classroom and photos in front of student artwork.

father-v-with-theresa-web father-v-b father-v-alone-web        father-v-aHappy Birthday Father!

reading-b-web reading-a-webreading-d-web reading-c-web   Grade Five and Pre K Blue Room Buddies

sweater-d   sweater-c

sweater-e   sweater-b

sweater-a    Christmas sweater contest

native-american  Grade 4 Native Americans

susan-book-fair devon-book-fair book-fair book-fair-b book fair photos

grade-3-candy   Grade 3 with candy service project results

susan-michael-devon-go-web susan-hug-web susan-hug-michael-go-web    Mrs. Merrill’s Award

flubber-web  vetrans-1-web   Veteran’s Day

sock-5-web sock-3-web sock-2-web sock-1-web    Sock Hop 2016

tt-y-web-2 tt-x-web tt-u-web tt-r-web

Trunk or Treat 2016

tt-m-web tt-l-web tt-go-webb  tt-e1-web tt-c1-web tt-b1-web


gr-1-web  Grade 1 Field Trip

SHS Pasta Night

dinner-devon-web dinner-7-web dinner-5-web dinner-4-web dinner-3-web dinner-2-with-susan-web

Fire Prevention Pre K Blue and Red

fireman-3-web firedrill-a-web fire-6-web fire-4-web fire-1-web dad-and-mya-web

pumpkins-a-web pumpkins-4-web pumpkins-3-web pumpkins-2-web pumpkin-4-web      Pre K Yellow Bursting Pumpkins

Hallway display



mas-4-web mas-3-web mas-1-web prayer-center-web  Gr. 2 Prayer Table

grade-3-roller-coaster-c-web gr-3-roller-coaster-a-web gr-3-roller-coaster-b-web

Gr. 3 Rollercoasters

gr-2-web book-reports-a-web

Hallway displays

art-pumpkins-web  Gr. 6 Art Pumpkins

schoolmall-winners-go-web   Winners!

Applebee’s Breakfast

applebees-cole-gps-go-web applebees-washing-tables-web applebees-wait-staff-web applebees-susan-with-mannys-yes-web applebees-full-house-web applebees-bill-family-web applebees-a-drive-through-web



students-with-the-elks-web mrs-merrill-and-the-elks-web molly-and-the-elks-web The Troy Elks Gifted Our 3rd and 5th Graders


butterfly-go-web butterflies-web butterflies-b-web        MAS Symbolic Butterfly Migration Project

Back to School Night 2016

susan-and-devon-go-web parent-night-c-web parent-night-b-web parent-night-and-faculty-web capcom-a-web  Capcom School Banking


basket-of-supplies-web  Basket of school supplies donated by Choice Physical Therapy on Campbell Avenue



Morning Assembly

pk-red-web pk-d-web pk-c-web

Welcome to PK

lizs-door-web                                         landon-web

Pre K Blue’s Door                                                               Landon’s Wish Fulfilled

2016-2017 : “Send me your light and truth to guide me.”

thomas' web susan and father web susan and devon web susan and devon b web sam and dad web picture this web morabito web grade 6 web   blessing teachers web  Blessing our teachers and then students for a new year



end of 2015-2016:

Teacher Spirit Award web Rosamilia Award y web perfect attendance web

Gr. 6 Commencement                                                                                       Perfect Attendance

toastmasters 3 web toastmasters 2 web Toastmasters 1 web    Gr. 6 Toastmasters

Ridin H 1 Ridin H2 web

Gr. 6 end-of-the-year trip

Grafton 5 web

Tie Dye Teddy Bear

sand shark web sand 5 web Father Y web beach Susan web addison web  2016 Family Fun Day at Grafton

procession e web procession b web

Sacred Heart Feast Day 2016

Principal for a day 015 web

Principal for a day with Father web Principal for a day 017 web

Principal Christian Teitsch

planting web planting 3 webbasil webeat web

Grade 4 planting/harvesting/cooking

gucam 2 web gucam 1 b web

Grade 6 Spanish

concert 12 web concert 11 web concert 8 web concert 6 web concert 5 web concert 4 web concert 1 web   2016 Spring Concert


Shrek Jr. webFionas webdonkey webSHSPKO Fairytales 2 web SHSPKO Fairytales 2 web go

Mrs. Mooney’s Pre K

May Crowning b web May Crowning a web

Our 2016 May Crowning

School Photo web   Mayor Madden and Mr. Riley web Mayor loading the truck web Loading the truck 2 web just one of many web

SHS USPS’ “Stamp Out Hunger” Food Drive

Rice Bowl 2016 2 Rice Bowl 2016 1

Rice Bowl 2016 Luncheon with the Bishop and Mr. Pizzingrill