• Important Dates

    1. Winter Recess-No School

      February 19 @ 8:00 am - February 23 @ 5:00 pm
    2. School Resumes

      February 26
    3. March Madness Begins

      March 1
    4. March Madness Begins!

      March 1
    5. Hannaford KIDZ EXPO

      March 3 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Admissions & Curriculum

Early Childhood Program

There are currently four sections of our Early Childhood Program. Two of these are Universal Pre-Kindergartens (UPK), which are federally funded programs. The UPK is available to any child in the Troy School District who is four years old by December 1st. Each section follows an active, hands-on, child-centered curriculum. These centers are designed to be open-ended with developmentally age-appropriate activities. Children ages three to five are mixed in to form a family type setting. It is remarkable to watch the children learn from one another! All children in the Early Childhood Program interact with one another so that they have many opportunities to engage and become friends.

Elementary School (K-6)

Once our students are in kindergarten, they join the rest of the school by beginning each school day in assembly, which is held in the church. This allows each of us to begin the day as a member of the Sacred Heart School family. We recite the Pledge of Allegiance, sing the National Anthem, hear petitions and listen to a short passage from scripture. This is also the time when the Principal makes daily announcements, including birthdays or other special events.


Sacred Heart School follows the New York State Curriculum as well as the Inter Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines. All grades receive instruction in Spanish, Music, Computers, Art and Physical Education. Additionally, children in grades Kdg through Sixth attend a writing laboratory once a week, where language usage, grammar and mechanics are reinforced through written expression.

We have two main thrusts throughout the school with regards to English Language Arts and Math. Since one of the main NYS learning standards is “to read, write and speak English,” all students are encouraged to intelligently express themselves in both written and oral form. There are many opportunities for children to speak in both small and large circles (such as in class time or at morning assembly). Additionally, Kindergarten through Sixth grade students participate in a writing lab once a week. The instructor introduces and reinforces basic grammar, language mechanics and various genres of writing. Each year, several children have their work published in magazines or books. We believe it is vital for all teachers to use the same vocabulary when teaching drafting and editing skills. Therefore, all faculty post the identical vocabulary in their classrooms.

Each student is also required to complete a “Math Problem of the Day”. The purpose of the daily assignment is to strengthen problem solving and critical thinking skills. There is also a list of required Math vocabulary per grade level as written into the NYS Core Curriculum for Math.

Please visit our Parish website for additional information.