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People tell us we are the "best kept secret in Troy!" Our first class graduated in 1927, and Sacred Heart School has been ever growing and changing since then. The brick and mortar of our large building, in many ways, represents the solid, Christian, academic foundation that our students receive here. Our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards that are in place throughout our country. In addition to the rigor of Common Core, all children receive instruction in Spanish, Music, Technology, Physical Education and Art. Our teachers are dedicated to the ministry of teaching young children, while also instilling the importance of good character, service to others and values. We invite you to call for a personal tour of our "great school with a big heart!"

Recent News Stories

Barnes and Noble Book Fair and more!

Lois Teitsch and her many volunteers did a wonderful job of hosting our school at the Barnes and Noble Book Fair last Sunday.  Here is just one picture and be sure to look at our photo gallery page for additional shots.

book fair

You may continue to purchase items online using the following information:

Book Fair On line


SHS Movie Night is just over a week away and here is a copy of that flyer:

SHS Movie Night

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The December Newsletter Packet:

December 2015 Newsletter

December 2015 Calendar

December 2015 Lunch

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Have you noticed the WeatherBug station on our roof?

The WeatherBug station has been installed!

Mrs. Mooney and fellow colleagues wrote a grant through the Diocesan School Board to purchase the basic station and software.  Mrs. Roberts will be the lead teacher and her classroom will work towards involving the entire school community in this on-going project.

It is hoped that future grants will allow for the purchase of cameras, lightning sensors and additional accessories.

bug 1


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The Raffle Winners are…

The winners of our annual raffle are as follows:

Carol Paloski – $1,000,  Bill Fisher – $250, Garth Pivoda – $100, Michael Houser – $100, and Anthony Chavarry – $50

The highest selling students winning $25 each are: Layla Estaris, Connor Kehn, Quinton Charlton, Eamonn Kelly, Jonathan Hartley, Megan Hollenbeck, Addison Alvey, Kyle Manny, Molly Minehan, Kelci Cerny and Emma Wilk.

Congratulations to one and all!

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Veteran’s Day – No School Tomorrow

Mr. Williams, one of our parents, spoke to the children last Friday about the meaning of Veteran’s Day and his personal experience serving in the marines.

May we continue to acknowledge and pray for all who have and continue to keep our country safe.

Mr. Willams b Mr. Willams a

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Sock Hop Tonight

Thank you for all of your work at selling your raffle tickets.  Special thanks to Robin Vasil, Aaron Shea, Nicole Neisen, Jocelyn Raia, Donna DeMaria and Jennifer Chung-Thomas for counting and processing the thousands of tickets that came in.

Today’s winning classrooms that can dress down on Monday, November 9th are: Red Room, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 4rd grade and 6th grade.

Congratulations and have fun at the Sock Hop!

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Raffle Update and Carol’s Fundraiser

There is just one more day to go!  Tickets are due tomorrow morning and the Sock Hop is tomorrow night.

The following classrooms may dress down tomorrow, Friday, November 6ht: Red room, Yellow room, first grade, third grade, and 5th grade.


Do not forget to support your school by purchasing a meal from Carol’s today.

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Special congratulations to Ryan Clemente in second grade!  He won this year’s Fire Prevention Contest for our school.  Great job Ryan!

We are getting closer to Friday’s sock hop and raffle pull.  The classrooms that may dress down tomorrow, Thursday, November 5th are:

Red Room, Yellow Room, first grade, fourth grade and sixth grade.

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Raffle Update

Keep those raffle sales coming in!

The following classrooms may dress down tomorrow, November 4th:

Red room, Kindergarten, 2nd grade, 4th grade and sixth grade.


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Raffle Update

There are four more days left before we pull the winning tickets at the sock hop!


The following classrooms may dress down tomorrow; Tuesday, November 3rd:

Orange Room, Yellow Room, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 6rg grade

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